Sunday, May 15, 2016

For My Son

This blog post is to honor my son.  A free verse poem that can only give partial expression to the joy and happiness that I find in our relationship. He has what it takes and has become a man  I am proud of.

     For My Son

Culmination of effort,
A graduation day.
Associates degree,
Proud of persistence.

Commencement has come,
Degree conferred.
End of one journey,
To start another.

Wisdom beyond your age,
Allow His guidance.
Letting you go,
So you can grow.

Always welcome at home,
No matter what.
Pushout and explore,
Quest and adventures to discover.

Pray for future relationship,
Closest five influence so great.
Find fealty and love,
Allow them to grow.

Joy and happiness,
Bumps and bruises.
Faith and love tested,
Heart purity remains.

So important to hear His voice,
In small things as well as critical choice.
New worlds and vistas appear,
Long term heart cry wrestle ‘til clear.

Fear comes raising doubts,
In darkest of places He comes with His light.
More than anything,
Remember He is always near.

I will always be your father,
Come hell or high water.
My fierce love for you,
Goes with you in all you do.

Though may be apart,
Connection is electronically close.
You are with me,
And you always have a part of me.

Seasons and cycles of life,
Friendships and opportunities abound.
Drink it in,
Appreciate this season of life.

All seasons change,
So must this.
Life has many curves,
Roads to travel that never dream.

Seasons of building,
Becoming strong.
The journey is long,
Not to the swift but to those with endurance and strength.

Courage and confidence,
Not in self, but in Whose you are.
You are my son,
Who we’ve stewarded for Him.

Be blessed my son,
With bittersweet tears in departing.
Joy for what awaits,
Sorrow in letting go.

Sometimes love hurts,
Part of being a father.
Demonstrated by Heavenly Father,
In good company.

I know you will be okay,
As let go and trust you to Him.
A rites of passage you must pass,
A journey for your manhood and maturity.

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet.

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