Sunday, June 14, 2020

Broad Horizon

Broad Horizon


Stillness of snow covered prairie

seeps into weary bones

solitude's silence once again

draws out cluttered thoughts


Western Nebraska's broad horizons

swallow up the day's worries

burden laid upon yoke

refreshing inner calm


Fingers of snow drifts iced over

protrudes along property line

chaos of wind driven fury resisted

lover's warmth melts the sting


Intimacy's embrace in oneness

under brisk open sky

restores sense of oneness

emptiness absorbs all dissonance


Renews what's been taken

refills what's been freely given

peace washes fluidly beneath

broad horizon's invitation


Leaving soft pastel colors

brushed upon once heavy memories

transforming the meaning

of what has been


Poem 20-037B

#westernnebraskthoughtsandlife, #highplainspoet, nebraska, western_nebraska, prairie, renewal, healing, pilgrimage, spiritual

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Nebraska Love Affair

Nebraska Love Affair


A Nebraska love affair

with barren prairie

once despised

now a healing balm


Seen with new eyes

touched by stark beauty

silence draws out treasure

exposes longings buried


The Oregon Trail adventure

each day's a journey leaves

litter of unnecessary baggage

to lighten spirit's load


Burying the dead

left along the way

a price willingly pay

in hope of the promise land


Tall grass

hypnotizing sway

relaxes the mind

beneath molasses sky


Today the prairie calls

mountain peaks outline fading horizon

muffled sorrow as cross

where previous generations wouldn't pass


No regrets knowing the risk as

some refuse the invitation

and choose to be left in the past

face the grief of the unknown


Life and health before me

just walk the trail today

lightly travel each hour

all extra weight cast away


Poem 20-037C

#westernnebraskthoughtsandlife, #highplainspoet, nebraska, western_nebraska, prairie, renewal, healing, journey, pilgrimage, spiritual

Friday, June 12, 2020



Yellow bloom of dandelion
peers above green blades
one man's weed
is another's flower

Poem 20-164A
#westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, #highplainspoet, brevity, perception, paradigm, judgments, beliefs

Wednesday, June 10, 2020



My fountain pen ran out of ink
leaving the page empty
as I ponder what spills
without pen or paper
only to be written
upon the heart

At times a sacredness
in just sitting with poems
that are never meant for the page
to sing in deep resonance
that purges the busy mind
stringing words together
that will never be spoken

Poem 20-162y
#nebraskathoughtsandlife, #highplainspoet, poetry, spiritual, solitude