Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Tilting (18-198B)

Wind gently spins
tower blades rotate slowly
He charges quixotically
tilting at windmills again


Fabric (18-196A)

Gray chiffon fog
hangs seductively
upon the prairie

Intimately sheer
exposing sweet
candy to the eye

Bluffs allure in
cottony voile seduces
thoughts of beauty

Belly dancing
prairie grass
in orgaza entices all

Skirt of mist a
silk gazar
teases in wind


Poetry (18-146A)

Addicted to poetry
each line's curve
beautiful figure
imagine the verve

Captures me slowly
causes a swerve
romanced by words
lusciously served

Monday, July 30, 2018


DNA (17-181C)

Hamster wheel
turns anew each day
wondering if

Tired words
from a tired man
in a tired life

Cycle in circle
loop upon loop
double helix

A Psalm

A Psalm (18-187A)

Light breaks across
the dawn horizon
Choosing words of praise
to offer up to You oh God

Reminded of Your faithfulness
often though I've fallen
You've never abandoned me
always treating me with mercy

Your eyes always
filled with loving kindness
Though I've sinned
You still embrace me

Your love breaks me
Who is like You
Your intimacy
restores and nourishes me

Who is like you oh God
Your comfort alone satisfies
You pull me close
as only a lover does


Exhaustion (18-183A)

Chaos of day
breaks like turbid waters
Over the levy
defiling once peaceful mind

Week blurred in stress
letting go of outcomes
Exhaustion envelops weary bones
body collapse in recovery

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Nebraska Beauty

Nebraska Beauty 17-177B

Reminded why country life is so rewarding
summer evening upon the tractor sit
going round the field picking up bales of hay
cool wind embraces me as storms roll around

Night has fallen as finish the load
lightening cuts the sky to the North and South
crawling up the field exposed with no cab
hum of bale wagon as moves hay tray to tray

Peacefulness floods heart as grounded
reality of connection to soil
moments alone in God's creation
beauty all around if open my eyes


Psalm 17-174D

Constant transitions as
journey always in motion
moving water of time

Allow love of Father
to wash over me
abandon ship
float fully exposed
upon His river of life

Currents carry me
to His shores
allow Him to
lead my days

Whatever time left
stay close with Him
embrace His touch
invite His touch

Filled with His
loving kindness
shatters the bondage
of lies

Free to be
the complete expression
of who I am

Embrace Him
in all the love
of a son

Sky Bullies

Sky Bullies (18-205B)

Light pierces through
clouds open portals
Rays flow in needles
stabbing the ground

Droplets sprinkle coolness on my
skin while pools on edges of glasses
Jagged lightening arcs scar
the deep blue clouds

Backside of thunderhead
rises majestically
Full of pride in destructive power
abuses the land

Strong breath quivers trees
deep roots resist
Bully defying still stand
taunting your wrath

Air It Out

Air It Out (18-192A)

Scent of pine trees
carried in the breeze
aspens whisper
quaking timbers

Unload the mind
unpack what's been stuffed
let it breathe
air it out

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Shiver (18-194A)

Snow falls serenely
flakes melting upon warm skin
Alluring damp sheen
shiver of desire awakens

Bolting Dreans

Bolting Dreams (18-198A)

Dream paints jumbled picture
Picasso like distortions of past and present
Place of past trauma imposed in present
trying to abuse another planting the trauma deeper

Bolt awake full of anxiety
realizing it's just a dream
Angry that would dream of such places
projecting onto another abuse they never caused

What does it mean
what can I do
How do I take responsibility
how do I forgive and set free

Haunting of past imposed on today
attack in the sleep, break the attachment
Break the power of generation cycle
God's love is real


Commute (18-138A)

Windshield time
alone in thoughts
turn radio off
mind explore

Turns toward zest
passion and love
mountains and valleys
relationship's journey

Missed moments
seized moments
make a life
find peace

Kiss n' a Prayer

Kiss n' a Prayer (18-187B)

Wake with a kiss
for it is you I'll miss
Your kiss invigorates
hold tight as we conflagrate

Pressed close against
prayer dispensed
Moist lips caress
late for work I guess

Mountain Streams

Mountain Streams (18-205A)

Toes in the water
babbling mountain stream
Frigid to the touch
slowly enter in

Light dances on water
joy sparkles on liquid ice
Feet turn red and veins icy blue
laughter in gurgling cataracts


Heat (18-195A)

Waves of heat radiate
in dry prairie ocean
Wind pushes and pulls
Tides upon the shores of buttes wash

Cataracts of wild flowers
flow down the canyon
Rivulets of colors sway
into pale green horizon

Restored in solitude's embrace
bathed in bubbling peace
Pealing layers of burnt spirit
pink virgin soul recovered

Friday, July 27, 2018

Love Is

Love Is (18-207Y)

Raw pieces tenderly touched
Dying to self for togetherness bliss
Forgiveness in action
Vulnerable touch stroking all we are
Afterglow's fiery droplets engulfing two


Faithful (18-208B)

Freeze and thaw
breaking the mind
Smooth words seep
into fractured places

Bitter ale
becomes sweet
Slowly poising heart
one day at a time

Trauma clouds vision
blind to truth of moment
Shatters identity
new normal

Awake abruptly
from living nightmare
Hope's spark
freedom painfully comes

Responsibility for responses
humbly admit harm caused
How response damaged
most precious relationship

In trauma's wake
healing fragmented self
Healing harmed relationships
grace encountered

Journey of years
seeking help
Finally experiencing fruit
beauty of redemption story

Through it all discover
depth of Father's love
His mercy and kindness
overwhelm me

He never forsook me
He walked with me
In midst of brokenness
He comforted me


Restoration (18-208A)

Trust evident in
almond brown eyes
Words now
tenderly spoken

Forgiveness's fruit
fully accepted
Internally solid
externally soft

Vulnerably known
intimacy explored
Worth valued
truly seen

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Bliss 18-206z

Purple field of alfalfa in full bloom
sweet smell lackadaisically drifts

Bleach white thunderhead
against angry pale blue horizon

Rainbow's arch as creases heaven
refreshing droplets cool bronze flesh

Brilliant sunlight pierces
portals in clouds above

Thunder's random bellow
lightening's synchronized flicker

Air washed of heaviness
each breath purges inner smog

Blazing mauve sun
Celebrates the afterglow

As night settles seductively
'Til peace is all that remains

Resting in each other
Wrapped tightly as one

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Reminds Me of You

Reminds Me of You 18-201Z

I found a feather today
 lithe and downy
Brown and white
 against the green it lay

Walking through the hay field
 its voluptuousness caught my eye
Beauty of plumage in my hand
 today's trophy to hold tenderly

It reminds me of you

Just a simple little poem sparked from a feather found while walking our dog, Molly, early in the morning in the soft light of summer.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Joy (18-175D)

Joy enters to invitation
in suffering joy girds up
Creaking timbers supported
with joy expressed from heart

Debris cleared aside
in rubble stand
With joy in heart
praise expressed on lips

Heaviness brushed off
burden no longer carry
Joy's smooth oil
renews weary bones

Balm of joy's refreshing
brings hope to the broken
There is a God in heaven
His joy's a salve to my soul


Prairie (18-182C)

Summer rains refresh
high plains still green
Grass waist high
blades wave in wind

Antelope curl up
as shower pelts them
Coolness welcome
temporary relief

Seasonal flows
ravines hold water
Drawn to drink
pools of life

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Release (18-183A)

Water rushes noisily
over ledge tumbles
Growls each foot falls
roaring beauty captures

Hope spills over the edge
soothing weary heart
Plummeting ever downward
releasing pent up anxiety

Mist rises in violence
prisms rainbow splits
'til rage dissipates
gather back in stream

Mesmerized in grandeur
taken to safety
Warmth of watery womb
consoles fatigued psyche

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rooted Passion

Rooted Passion (18-184A)

Desire lays just below
ready to burst forth
Awakened after harsh winter
and parched spring

Refreshing rain sparkles
hard heart now supple
Hope revives love
roots gone deep