Friday, January 27, 2023

What If

What If

Some say life it's about leaving a legacy…

what if life is about leaving a smile on another's face
 what if life is it about another knowing you love them fully
   what if life is about the times we made loving connection
  what if life isn't about leaving a monument or legacy 
 what if life is about love and loving well
what if that is a life well-lived

What if that is legacy

Poem 22-016z


Blue green berries
on the tips of the cedar
hang seductively
as the finch lands close
only to spot me and fly to a perch
watching me, wondering what I'm doing
until his anxiety peaks and flies away

The top of the cedar broken off
leaving a scar and broken bark
pealed off from when natures violence violated
the tender growth
that in time will heal
and the cedar will grow
beyond my lifetime

Poem 22-017C

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Adult Daughters and Son


Adult Daughters and Son

The ebb and flow of seasons
their comings and goings
marked by the extra pairs of shoes
parked in disarray at the front door
along with the extra chairs
around our small table

The 80 year old farm house,
like you would imagine, is compact
filled with laughter and joy
our voices bumping into each other
as if in the bustle of Grand Central Station,
which is what the kitchen of the
house has become

Until the front door has just
three pairs of shoes once again
resting on the rug
as life carries the voices
in the flow of their own life's
leaving our hearts quieter
yet full 


There is a joy that remains
in seeing growth and individuation
knowing they will be okay
blessing and releasing them
so much to grateful for

January 8, 2022
Poem 22-008A

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

High Plains Clouds


High Plains Clouds

The silver clouds lurk upon the northern horizon 
only to sulkily scurry away, as if caught in the act

While the skiff of snow snakes across the top
of the existing blanket of cold purity

The track I traveled several times a day
over the last weeks now covered over

It is as if I have never tread this path 
laying down fresh tracks with each step


I notice my thoughts, how they like those clouds
can have silver-gray linings that want to scurry away
under the examination of today


As my cheeks turn flush against the wind
my mind clears just as the clouds saunter away
and peace settles softly like the falling snow

Poem 23-025z
#Nebraska, #Highplainspoet, #Nature, #winter, #contemplation
photo is © by author

Sunday, January 22, 2023


Dusk settles in lava lamp shades
bubble float to the top
in a supple spectrum from
fiery red to sulky blue

Poem 21-172z Nightfall
Sunset on the high plains. Image is (C) by poet.
nature, beauty, summer

Saturday, January 21, 2023




In the fading hush of variegated pinks and purples
last moments of daylight slip to the other side of the 'just beyond'
as the Ice Moon of January, a micromoon, climbs above the prairie
in full paleness on snow glazed prairie with prismatic tinsel glints
while the coyotes awaken in songs of primal praise
and the snow crunches beneath my feet
as I too offer up my praise for beauty on this January eve of '23
the milky light scumbles with frosty wind upon my flush cheeks
as the ethereal glow reflects upon barren limbs and brittle blade
with each exhale a foggy mist floats in little clouds that I march through
until my journey is complete and find myself back at the house
where glasses steam over while peel off the layers
of Nebraska high plains armor left to dry until dawn beckons
in her translucent rays to see anew in the light of day

Poem 23-008Z Micromoon
About walking under the full moon last night (1/7/23), the Wolf Moon or Ice Moon that also happens to be a micromoon as opposed to a supermoon. There is something about the stillness, hearing coyotes singing rounds to each other from different directions while the moon's light is bright upon the snow. Makes my heart sing in praise to God for the gift of life and the beauty of simple things, to embrace the simplicity of the moment with gratitude.

#nature, #full_moon, #Nebraska, #prairie, #high_plains