Saturday, February 16, 2019

Untitled 19-047z


Before the high plains caress the mountains
  a liminal space of short prairie grass beckons
As brown grass brushes above the knee
  feeling begins to stir once again
Like fine sandpaper
  polishing away roughness of journey
Where solitude cleanses life's pain
  a balm of God's grace washes away shame
Wind rustles dry grass after frost melts away
  reminds that Spring follows Winter
Silenced places begin to waken
  Meadowlarks of soul return singing
Tangerine sunrises and peach sunsets
  draws beauty out from deep within
Drawing out who I am
  recovering innocence
What was lost is found
  as soak in painted prairie sky


Saturday, February 9, 2019



Hoarfrost hangs heavily
  late into the morning
  purity of icy fog lingers
Sun's filtered light
  paleness eerily loiters
  coolness grips surfaces
Each breath shocks the lungs
  inhale brutalness to the core
  exhale steamy warmth
Frost gathers on brow
  eyelashes white
  vision blurred
Warmth awaits at home
  comfort of embrace
  love thaws frostbitten soul


Saturday, February 2, 2019



Rest in sun's warmth
  shines brightly through the window
  into me on a February day
Rays penetrate mind
  surfacing clutter from deep within
  tenderness evaporates cares
What picked up that isn't mine
  lay gently down in honor
  so it can return to rightful owner
Quietness loudly exposes
  more debris from the week
  unburden my soul


Friday, February 1, 2019

Moonless Howls

Moonless Howls

Coyotes singing
  wind screaming
  moonless night

Cloudless sky
  stars so bright
  sleepy eyes