Thursday, May 31, 2018


Dresser (18-150W)

Choose to unpack
This sick looking thing
Unfinished finish

Every time
Resistance encountered
As try to dismantle

Dresser mocks
Tattered old clothes
Worn by others

Not mine
Refuse to wear
No longer who I am


Swimming (18-007D)

Twilight's purples and pinks
Canadian gees rise off corn stubble
listen to movement of wings
swim through the air

Soak in the sights and sounds
v formations move in waves
return to safety of North Platte River
at dawn to only surf the air again


Gift (18-005A)

Flames flicker
candle wax
globs harden
soft glow

Warm hearts
sing carols
God's grace
inspires awe

depths of Father's love
redemption's restoration
all made right


Doodled (18-005A)

He doodled in the dirt
in the very dust came from
Exposing the heart of Man
accusers walk away

Hearts of stone
tablet etched by finger of God
Restored hearts of flesh
Father's mercy demonstrated

All end up at feet of Jesus
Transformation in a moment
internal temple holy and pure

Communication Fail

Communication Fail (18-012B)

Moment communication fails
go off-line
transmit and receive stop
No green and red railroad

Poll failure
no apparent reason
ask why

Explore what failed
reboot system
give it time
to re-establish connection 

Hard starts
soft starts
quality bit good

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scattered Ashes

Scattered Ashes (18-149Y)

A life held in jar
Free from urn

Memories drift
As each scoop

Drifts a moment
In the wind

A father remembered
Returned to a place

Of happy memories
From childhood

At the base of an aspen
Looking upon a valley

You explored with your father
Now returned in somberness

No headstone 
No pomp

Just memories
As ashes drift


Storm Brews

Storm Brews 18-132y

Storm gathers on western horizon
Sky dual blaze in setting glow
Soft white light as if view through filters as changes to deep blue
From north to south lighting intermittently pierces sky
Uniqueness of nightfall on high plains
Left in solitude to watch in choice to watch
Darkness cloaks and soon go in
Awe of small moments reward
Coyotes yip from bluff to the south
Then silence then commotion
Once again alone in moment

Letting Go

Letting Go (18-132Z)

Morning after son
Leaves again 
Sullen is the day
Sun hidden away

A father's love
Ache that he goes
A world away
Reunite in 60 days


Untitled 18-136Y

Soften my heart
  with the water of your word

Your praise
  my mind settle and gird

Disappointments hardened my gaze
  moments where hard to praise


Stew 18-139x

Waning moments of day
Stir undone thoughts
Anxiety stew as day replays
Slip into sleep distraught

For once to drift away
In moment of bliss
In peaceful rest lay
Recall lover's sweet kiss

Walking Dust

Walking Dust (18-143Y)

Strokes of lightning
Static energizes skin 
Heartbeat quickens 
Thoughts of you

Air thickens
Hair stands on end 
Storm gathers 
Strokes of lightning 

Thunder rumbles
Horizon blotted out
Gathering static
Energy builds

Pulsing discharge
Strikes walking dirt
Man from dust of ground
Heart revived 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Glimmer 18-142y

Beads of dew
Hang like ornaments
Mini disco balls
Separating light

Micro prisms scatters
Sparkling rainbow
Each step
Retinal bliss

Blades of grass
Greenness gathers
Natures teardrops
Til spills over

Onto black boots
Coolness kisses toes
Startles warm veneer
Very dust of earth

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Sky-Tears (18-139B)

Cimmerian sky pouts
anguish drips upon lusty soil
transforms energy of travail
into new life

Anger sizzles with each flash
stroke of light pierces
darkness accented
by cracks of booming thunder

Such is the season
when all things green emerge
out of hibernation arise
each  sky-tear nurses renewal

Soaked, shaking off  somberness
dousing the dirge
joy enters in celebration
desolation no more

Each tear from above
washes clean all stains
'til standing bathed in warmth
even memories redeemed

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eternal Embrace

Eternal Embrace (18-137A)

Morning fog rolls
filling low places 

Pushed along
in gentle breeze 

Softly mutes sun
ethereal silhouette 

Moistness embraces
as enter the mist 

Everything different
in variegated light 

Seeing awakens paradigm
new dimensions enter 

Celebrate the embrace

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Thedford (18-132B)

Across Highway 2 in Spring
Sandhills full of life
desolate road dotted with pools

Coal trains rumble past
dual track of BNSF
four steel ribbons cut terrain

Cattle and calves
mallards and geese
bulky deer filled out

Luscious green of grass
solitude full of life
sparse unincorporated towns

Antioch, Lakeside, Ellsworth, 
Bingham, Ashby, Hyannis
Whitman, Mullen, Thedford

Rip Van Winkled
Sleepy from another era
Lunch at Sandhills Corral

No fast food in 100 mile stretch
Waitress fits the outback of Nebraska
Lithe beauty like all that surrounds

Rugged splendor fills with awe
to stay through Winter's harshness - isolated
rewarded with grandeur of rolling hills

Valleys gathering water
'til collected in Middle Loup
further east widens

From small creeks all draining
together to form rambling river
winds between hills with green banks

Friendly country this time of year
Winter's cocoon shaken off
a drive out of the way

Land undiscovered
solitude that busyness disturbs
hubbub of city not welcome

Where grime of megalopolis
rubs off in gritty life on the land
payphones, cell phone coverage hasn't penetrated

Roughness of nature
all - people and landscape - weathered
tanned leathery golden skin

Cowboy hats aren't a fashion statement

natural as skin it accents
a person's natural grace

Place inviting to poets
where mind expands in open country
words spill to page as lost in time

Solitude that draws
haunting the soul
beckoning to remember

Symbiotic relationship

an ancient rhythm
lost in the commotion


Nebraska 18-133A

Fog's shadow hides
tops of ridge wrapped white
a hat that cloaks
hills in other worldly light

Sun hides again
second day of overcast
unusual for high plains
coolness invites warmth

Presses breathing things close
forces an intimacy
one can hope
warmth envelops

Hours pass and grey drifts
clouds gradually lift
rays penetrate the rift
mercy is a gift


Remember (18-135B)

I remember the day
door opens and there you are
dressed in white

Father at your side
down the isle you glide
music starts and all rise

Beauty has your name
after all these years
my love for you

A burning flame
union isn't easy
marriage matures

Together we walk through
dark days and days of joy
covenant amplifies life

NOTE - thoughts about our approaching 30th wedding anniversary

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Quaff 18-135z

Velvet petals closed
Water beads glisten
Heart not exposed

Simple beauty soft
Memories of us revive
Retina ravenously quaff

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Walk Slow

Walk Slow (18-130X)

Stillness of morning
Young light crests horizon
Life all around hums

Droplets caress
Drooping blades
Prisms of light glisten

Simple things
Beautiful to eye
If walk slow

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Defy (18-129y)

As silently glide
On bike I ride
Through morning air
Heavy with cares

Knots tight inside
Truth can't hide
Reality collides
Intimacy defies

Monday, May 7, 2018


Upchuck 18-127x

Puke up memories
Long ago lodged
Deep in the body
Imaturely ignored
When needed explored
Now they surface
From 30 years ago
All disengorged
Spewed on the floor
Rank and vile undigested
Heavy yoke broke


Shedding (18-126Z)

Over rough terrain
Buffet 'til black 'n blue
Bent double and stained
Life's toxic brew

Hardened skin
Loosened now shed
At last life begins
No longer dead

Friday, May 4, 2018


Dew (18-124Z)

Crispness after a rain
air clean and clear
humidity clings to flesh

Green vibrant and alive
droplets dangle on blades grass
drooping from weight of fruit

Aroma of tree blossoms
drifts lazily in the air
still drowsy from hybernation

Morning light sparkles
natures diamond necklace
twinkles from all things damp

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Bare (16-271)

Drying corn stalks
Rustling in darkness
Wind fondling ears

Flames dance
Tiki torches alive 
Wind tormenting flame

Coyote's howls
Quiet then staccato
Coal trains rumble in distance

Crickets crick
Soon cedar tree
Only tree clothed

Bare vegetation
Bare trees
Bare soul

Crashes Loud

Crashes Loud (17-030A)

Life crashes loud
Surf breaks hard
Tests courage

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Vows (17-340Z)

Covenant made
Vows exchanged
Standing bare
In awe stare

Vulnerable in
Light's  full glare
Eden's glory
Our new story


Claimed (16-195)

Part that won't be tamed,
Forcefully and fully claimed,
Being without shame,
Intentionally reframed.
No longer contained,

No longer mild,
Love lavish and wild.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Congruent (18-078Z)

So you're in my head today
Liminal space you are there
Between dream world and awake
Oh the ecstatic places to play
Together in ravenous love
For both worlds to align

Commitment (18-110Z)

Commitment (18-110Z)

Committed to work through
Emotional separation and distance
Loneliness cracks open soul
Touch expressionless

Desire to be known
Even in moments of pain
Even in moments of turmoil
We don't have to put distance between

Pushing through relational distress
This is what love looks like