Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Embrace the Day

Wild roses blooming today by the barn (C) Brian Bucks

Embrace the Day

Today is new,
Past is yesterday,
Sever memories,
Begin anew.

Begin anew,
Push the funeral barge out,
Set past afire,
No longer anchored to who I was.

No longer anchored to who I was,
Clean sheet with each day,
Reboot the day,
Joy can be found.

Joy can be found,
Hope reawake,
Long lost lovers,
United today.

United today,
Mental gyrations must cave,
Surrender the past,
Life is fast.

Life is fast,
Live in today,
Embrace the day,
Walk unashamed.

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet.

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