Friday, November 29, 2019

Triple Point

Triple Point

Gray sky at the triple point
not snow, not rain, perhaps sleet
vaguery of sunrise
murky as my ruminations

Truth has this way
of slicing open self deception
lancing the infection
draining unnecessary suffering

Through Father's grace
redemption comes
parting the sky
with light again

Poem 19-333y
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, dawn, nature, ruminations

Monday, November 25, 2019



Weep for the fallen
for fathers who couldn't connect
death lingers from the fathers
whose lips couldn't form words

Weep where things replaced love
performance replaced relationship
tears bead upon cheeks
of expressionless sons

Weep in final season of life
watching fathers incapable
of speaking what's never been said
as they linger in dusk of life

Weep under generations of weight
disappointments piled high
mixed with shame can't carry
blaming self for broken connection

Weep the heartache untouched
weep in grief for irreplaceable affirmations
weep from gut for unexpressed love
weep in hope to break the generational repetition

Modified 19-339
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtandlife, fathers, sons, brokeness

Sunday, November 24, 2019


An invitation from Father

All the meticulous notes
filter everything
build a case
page upon page

Generations worth of files
binds the sins
one generation to the next
crushing weight

Truth if want free
surrender the file
drop the case
burn them

Scoop the ashes
into an urn
as an offering
holy and pleasing

Placed at the foot of cross

Poem 19-327Z
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathougthsandlife, forgiveness, freedom, spiritual, peace

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Rusty Limbs

Rusty Limbs

Autumn's rusty red horizon
atop Illinois River palisades
awaiting snow to strip what remains
awkward nude limbs left swaying

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, seasons, autumn, nature

Friday, November 22, 2019

Beet Harvest

Beet Harvest

On a windless day
gray sooty smoke
rises high above
red brick stack

Black coal greedily devoured
by insatiable furnace
boils water
sliced beets marinate

Strips away
sweet molasses and sugar
into bottles and bags
beet pulp and ash remain

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtandlife, sugar, beets, western nebraska

Sunday, November 17, 2019



Another day of iced blades
screech of scraper on windshield
peeling off layer

Sparkle of frost
mixing with beads of water
as rays warm glass

Frosted soul thaws
moistness of truth on cheek
breath deep

Truth brilliant
holy blinding white
reflection of reality

Poem 19-321Z
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife
#nature, #frost, #fall, #truth

Saturday, November 16, 2019



As I wait he sleeps
years expressed
with each breath
this is all the time we have

Moment he sees me
his son he brightens
reassured by presence
to drift away again all to soon

Glimpses remain as shadows
lengthen hours into days
once lumbering with life
now fragile

Poem 19-313y
about my dad in the waning season of life

Friday, November 8, 2019

Dusty Contrails

Dusty Contrails

Dirt road's dusty contrail hangs in the air
memories drift of thirty years together
smells of grit of fighting for us over time
tastes of talc sticky upon palette
drink of the union of us

Now our children leave dust hanging
as release them from the home
watching as they leave
anticipating when they return
blessing their coming and goings

Each time they venture further
plying the seas of life
joy in their thriving
sorrow in them letting go

Soon we are back to just us
new memories to create
remembering when love was young
once again igniting a new flame
where we left off to raise a family

Time to press into what's been put aside
rediscover who we are
giving you the honor you deserve
tending to our union
after all these years you are still the one

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, family, seasons, love, father, parent

Thursday, November 7, 2019



I've been silent of late
as I ponder broken things
broken people
broken relationships
and my own brokenness

Words seem hollow
like that tree's rotted inner rings
'til it finally breaks in the storm
facade gives way to empty space
time ravenously gnaws away

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, brokenness, growth, change

Wednesday, November 6, 2019



Along the path between us
bare feet hungerly grab
morning's slippery stones
unsteady as land each step

#highplainspoet, #nebraskathoughtsandlife, relationship, journey, life, love, adventure

Tuesday, November 5, 2019



Flaming sky melts into soft lavender
against jagged granite peaks
shadows long upon the face
time is late as sun sinks low

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, nature, Canada, Kananaskis, beauty, mountains, summer

Monday, November 4, 2019



Each puff inhales death
yellow stain upon fingers
holds death greedily
addiction's gratification as exhale

Can't let it go
lungs raped as light another
choose death in sulfur strike
blow out match snuffed life

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, addiction, death, choices

Sunday, November 3, 2019



Serenity tastes
of fleshy peach
plucked yellow red
ripened fruit

upon tongue
bite deeply
exploding sweetness

rolls down chin
dripping joy of
late summer's fruit

#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, summer, fruit, peaches, Western Nebraska

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Blanket of Gray

blanket of gray hangs low
veil that hides shadows
sun obscured in brume

warmth of life
pumps through my veins
dissipating internal gray

no hiding anymore
come out from the shadows
find new life

#highplainspoet #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife


a babbling brook of warmth
fills the internal cup
revisiting past with grace
that sees what's been in reality

artist colors upon the canvas
some blustery gray other brilliant gold
when look at the whole
forms one image of journey

grace for today
hope for tomorrow
mercy for yesterdays
blankets who I am