Monday, June 25, 2018

Pen Went Dark

Pen Went Dark 18-158y

In perusing pages
sadness wells up
Old journals recall
pain and despair

Remembering the depth
darkness swallowing
Pen goes quiet
for three years

Writing became a vortex
inducing cycle of suffering
Sucking all light
stealing life

To heal required
surrendering pen
Not knowing if
ever would write again

So many parts died
parts still waiting
For restoration
as ink flows again

Note: This is about a season of the dark night of the soul six years ago. Had to lay writing down for three years. Hard to willingly do for someone who loves to write.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Untitled 18-175Z

My fingers brush through brunette hair
Hand gently cradles my cheek
Finger tips lightly caress jaw
Tension's grip releases

Days of stress unravel
Your head rests upon my chest
Surge of love's gentle wave
Venom of weariness drawn

Angst lost to sea
Rhythmic tides of season
Find soothing peace
In your arms


Passing (18-175y)

Energy dissipates
Each day
Younger passing
Broadcasting "on your left"

Disappearing in distance
Out of sight
'Til next day
repeat again

Now they are on the right
Down the path
Forged over years
Slowly hobble

Friday, June 22, 2018


Union (18-167C)

Nervous energy vibrates about groom
classical music pools upon pews
as building fills with friends and family

Anticipation thick in air
coagulating in fading light
filtered through stain glass

Doors open as wedding march begins
father and daughter
final walk of season

Crowd rises
as train fills the aisle
memories committed to heart

Beauty as time slows
in the moment
lost in her beauty

Vows made
rings exchanged
name claimed

No Carry On

No Carry On (18-170A)

Empty the bucket
years of trauma
Dumped in the final stage
leave baggage behind

No carry on allowed
journey requires travel light
As drift in and out
fogged mind warps time

Friday, June 8, 2018

Ode to the Wind

Ode to the Wind (07-170B)

The clever man
Man, try as he may
Wants to control
Control the wind

Wind from the prairie
Prairie so dry
Dry and thirsty for a sip
Sip of water on chapped lips

Lips that curse barren sky
Sky that brings praise
Praise to God for drizzling rain
Rain that is sparse

Sparse like the few watering holes
Holes hold water in the concrete ground
Ground drilled very deep
Deep to treasure
Treasure of water
Water and wind

Wind that pumps
Pumps life from the ground
Ground that supports
Supports a family now


Hooves (07-162A)

Sound of hooves
earth quakes in vibrato thunder

Stillness of air before Your presence
blowing over thirsty land

Spirit falling on my parched soul
satisfy the longing of my soul

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Journey

The Journey (07-117A)

Two souls longing for love
Meet in the long afternoon
Her brunette hair about her shoulders
Sun low in the sky
Fire in their eyes
The journey they begin
Will they make it to the end

With each passing year
Doubt fills their hearts
They've grown apart
Fear in their soul of what they've become
Only to find love once again

Years of pain all washed away
Tears fill their eyes with each new sunrise
The joy of the day
The smell of the hay

The neigh of the horses
The sound of their hoofs
Pounding the ground, sync'd to rhythm of the passion in their heart
Their souls renewed, a love rebirthed
The grace of God manifest in physical form
Eden restored
Found through repentance's door
Renewal and power, the portal of love from heaven above
Graced on each other
Like precious molten ore
Coated in love reflecting His light
Blinding to those who still want to fight
Passion to those who want soulifications light

Spirits renewed by the grace from above
A soul thing from God not a list of rights
Giving yourself freely to God then to her
The pain swept away in the torrents of His empowering love
The redemption of love working through the soul
Oozing out upon his true love

End of Day

End of Day 18-155z

Crickets crick
Mosquitos prick
Tiki torch flames tease
Flicker in dusk's breeze
Clouds streak in braids
Orangish red light fades

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Unfold (18-148B)

Shadows fold across jagged bluffs
Layers brown as weathered one upon the other
Decorated with sparse green scrub
Angle of light shifts in crevices

Rays unfold hidden contours
Vistas contort before my eye
Pushes out morning chill
Warmth reflects from the escarpment

Dirt and stone pancakes
A layer of time
Slowly erodes to wind and rain
Exposing rawness of time

Each canyon offers a time capsule
Of one's who have gone before
Places of passing through
Setting roots beside stream bed

Drinking in what the arid terrain offers
Only hardy survive
Harsh seasons cycle
Weeding out the fragile

A land for nomads
Wanders survive here
Suckle life giving nourishment
Just as each day season advances

New Day

New Day (18-156A)

Early morning brings joy
shadows give way
Sunrise is close
as birds fill air with praise

Night's hush has given way
new hope as faith arises
To possibilities of day
healing dark places in presence of His light

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Breathe (18-151B)

Mud balls up
no tread exposed
As pedal along ditch bank
vibrant green of life

Rain kisses earth
romancing prairie
Rich colors emblazon
love's fruit

Glory of Father
high plains cycle of worship
Renewal and hope
that I too will experience renewal again

Each day a new opportunity
to enter in anew
Deep breaths fill my being
as He imparts next breath of life

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Born (18-144B)

As I wander
my mind ponders
On this Spring morn
where poems are born

Country life is grand
connection to land
As chicken scratches
ink's idea catches

Two bays, one grey
lazily mow today
In the yard graze
birds singing praise

Dog vigilantly guards
barking at trespassers in yard
Cool breeze blows
lilac's aroma into nose

Friday, June 1, 2018


Depth (18-152A)

In the dawn, in the twilight
fiery orange and pinks
Pierce the liminal space
thresholds of the day

Where Father's glory
brushed across horizon
Peace settles upon the space
bask in contentment

Day ends as it began
desire and passion stirred
Longing to experience
depths of Your love


Today (18-144B)

Awake my stony heart
    offer up worship today
Enter in with creation
    offer up my praise
No matter what comes
    life's a gift today

Could I

Could I (18-058C)

Be convicted of my love?
Is sharing a home enough?
Is sharing a bed enough?
Is sharing our bodies enough?
Is having children together enough?
Is speaking vows before God enough?

Challenge of marriage
to stay connected
an attachment to each other
weather storms of life together
experience joys together
stretching and expanding

Seasons come and go
still together
pressing into uncomfortable
longing for more
exploring together
still much to be known