Sunday, December 27, 2020


Do you ever feel like one of those old abandoned farmhouses
the ones where the door is half off the hinges and ajar
with windows busted out and old white siding with paint peeled off
where weathered wood rots in the open air exposed to harsh elements

Where sun bakes it in the summer
wind sandblasts it relentlessly
winter snow on wooden floors once filled with life
where bare feet danced of husband and wife

Bedrooms where love once made left stark and vacant
after all these years the memories fade into stripped walls
what once was full of life now silent
only haunting moans of sorrowful wind

Grieving all that's been lost as each year passes
soon the walls will fail and collapse under the weight of sorrow
then comes the match to burn the debris
a tractor rumbles spewing smoke that fills in the foundation

The old tree row uprooted
all traces of what was returned to the dust
from which it all came
in a few generations all the memories gone

What once was lost to the ages
a wisp of ash carried in the breeze
stripping the exterior of the next abandoned home
that is what today feels like