Tuesday, June 11, 2019



Sorrow troubles my thoughts
when I realize all we're not
nor ever will be in this life

When I was young
I idolized you
now I just grieve

Why did you stop
growing and risking
shriveling in your skin

There's so much
I want to know about you
locked away in your shell

Each choice you made
walled off your voice
'til silence is all that remains

Too painful to broach
or unfold all the past
shrouded in your shame

So in the years you have left
I press forward
you fade upon the horizon

Memories remain of long ago
when you were my dad
and hero was your name

On the other side of this life
on that day
we'll be restored


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pace and Wait

Pace and Wait

Anxiety paces the floor
footsteps ever echo
down darkened hallways
ever looking for light
Peace waits with me
thaws icy memories
walks with me
to the other side

Anxiety paces the floor
repressed buoyancy
always held under
can't catch a breath

Peace waits with me
pulls me above trauma
out of the riptide
to rest on freedoms shores

Anxiety paces the floor
taut spring suppressed
overwound emotions
cortisol wreckage

Peace waits with me
volcanic emotive release
bears my burden
never forsaken

Poem 19-152z
The complexity of being human and trauma experienced. There is hope, peace, and healing. Matthew 11:28-30