Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice

Liquid ice drips from the sky
clear coating branch and limb
reflected in security light
darkness snuffing rays quickly

Eerie hush as hear ice fall upon old snow
layer upon layer builds in geological time
until covered completely in snowy ash
waiting to swallow next victim of fall

Fallen warriors strewn about
generations of warriors taken down
scheme repeats amidst the carcasses
stench of generations wasted

Withdrawn into shells of former self
shame's unholy hush
hides the wound
avoids mentioning the fall

Yet dooming another generation
to repeat the fall that shouldn't be
as pride rises up  humility flees
damning the sons to familiar fall

So I choose to break free
vulnerable about the fall
disrupts the scheme
so sons and daughters can go beyond

To fight their own battles
because I have fought my own
not wallowing in what could have been
nor a victim of others

Poem 19-333w

A somber write about old trees that have fallen likened to unfinished family business passed from one generation to the next. It has to stop somewhere, with me.

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