Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Psalm of Praise

Psalm of Praise

My heart sings at new year's dawn
my heart opens in hope's expection at new decades dawn
my heart softens in remembering Father's loving kindness
my heart beats joy in today's opportunities

Oh my soul sings of Your love
oh my soul draws life from Your well
oh my soul is satisfied in You alone
oh my soul delights in my Lover

I will remember Your faithfulness
I will learn from Your correction
I will set my heart towards You
I will declare Your goodness

You are my redeemer
You alone are my restorer
You alone heal my broken heart and soul
You alone are my salvation and hope

You capture my tears
they are a treasure to You
They are seeds of hope
You plant reaping fruit of joy

In Your season and time
life flows from Your throne
filling me up again and again
You never tire of me

I am a joy and dellight to You
Your eyes sparkle at my name
You created me in love
You sustain me with mercy and grace

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