Friday, January 10, 2020

She Smiles More

She Smiles More

She smiles more
a soft breeze of confidence
blows across her brunette tresses
with lightness of heart reflected in
deep rich mocha pools

She smiles more
new life in her laughter
as wounds heal inside out
leaving beautiful scars
formed into priceless works of art/treasures

She smiles more
awake for the first time
slumber from childhood
rubs grit from edge of eyes
cleansing tears now/finally flow

She smiles more
time not wasted
life giving water flows
from her spirit
mingles with Father's

She smiles more
dessert places of soul
blossom under her care
I'm invited into her fields
savoring the aroma her labor

She smiles more
knowing I have scarred her
yet forgiveness flows
our love grows stronger
as bound in Father's presence

She smiles more
joy filled life
transforms bareness
into soft warmth
womb that bears fruit

She smiles more
giving all I am
and it is enough
she accepts me
and gives all she is

Together experiencing life
she smiles more

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