Friday, July 27, 2018


Faithful (18-208B)

Freeze and thaw
breaking the mind
Smooth words seep
into fractured places

Bitter ale
becomes sweet
Slowly poising heart
one day at a time

Trauma clouds vision
blind to truth of moment
Shatters identity
new normal

Awake abruptly
from living nightmare
Hope's spark
freedom painfully comes

Responsibility for responses
humbly admit harm caused
How response damaged
most precious relationship

In trauma's wake
healing fragmented self
Healing harmed relationships
grace encountered

Journey of years
seeking help
Finally experiencing fruit
beauty of redemption story

Through it all discover
depth of Father's love
His mercy and kindness
overwhelm me

He never forsook me
He walked with me
In midst of brokenness
He comforted me

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