Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Journey

The Journey (07-117A)

Two souls longing for love
Meet in the long afternoon
Her brunette hair about her shoulders
Sun low in the sky
Fire in their eyes
The journey they begin
Will they make it to the end

With each passing year
Doubt fills their hearts
They've grown apart
Fear in their soul of what they've become
Only to find love once again

Years of pain all washed away
Tears fill their eyes with each new sunrise
The joy of the day
The smell of the hay

The neigh of the horses
The sound of their hoofs
Pounding the ground, sync'd to rhythm of the passion in their heart
Their souls renewed, a love rebirthed
The grace of God manifest in physical form
Eden restored
Found through repentance's door
Renewal and power, the portal of love from heaven above
Graced on each other
Like precious molten ore
Coated in love reflecting His light
Blinding to those who still want to fight
Passion to those who want soulifications light

Spirits renewed by the grace from above
A soul thing from God not a list of rights
Giving yourself freely to God then to her
The pain swept away in the torrents of His empowering love
The redemption of love working through the soul
Oozing out upon his true love

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