Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Unfold (18-148B)

Shadows fold across jagged bluffs
Layers brown as weathered one upon the other
Decorated with sparse green scrub
Angle of light shifts in crevices

Rays unfold hidden contours
Vistas contort before my eye
Pushes out morning chill
Warmth reflects from the escarpment

Dirt and stone pancakes
A layer of time
Slowly erodes to wind and rain
Exposing rawness of time

Each canyon offers a time capsule
Of one's who have gone before
Places of passing through
Setting roots beside stream bed

Drinking in what the arid terrain offers
Only hardy survive
Harsh seasons cycle
Weeding out the fragile

A land for nomads
Wanders survive here
Suckle life giving nourishment
Just as each day season advances

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