Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Thedford (18-132B)

Across Highway 2 in Spring
Sandhills full of life
desolate road dotted with pools

Coal trains rumble past
dual track of BNSF
four steel ribbons cut terrain

Cattle and calves
mallards and geese
bulky deer filled out

Luscious green of grass
solitude full of life
sparse unincorporated towns

Antioch, Lakeside, Ellsworth, 
Bingham, Ashby, Hyannis
Whitman, Mullen, Thedford

Rip Van Winkled
Sleepy from another era
Lunch at Sandhills Corral

No fast food in 100 mile stretch
Waitress fits the outback of Nebraska
Lithe beauty like all that surrounds

Rugged splendor fills with awe
to stay through Winter's harshness - isolated
rewarded with grandeur of rolling hills

Valleys gathering water
'til collected in Middle Loup
further east widens

From small creeks all draining
together to form rambling river
winds between hills with green banks

Friendly country this time of year
Winter's cocoon shaken off
a drive out of the way

Land undiscovered
solitude that busyness disturbs
hubbub of city not welcome

Where grime of megalopolis
rubs off in gritty life on the land
payphones, cell phone coverage hasn't penetrated

Roughness of nature
all - people and landscape - weathered
tanned leathery golden skin

Cowboy hats aren't a fashion statement

natural as skin it accents
a person's natural grace

Place inviting to poets
where mind expands in open country
words spill to page as lost in time

Solitude that draws
haunting the soul
beckoning to remember

Symbiotic relationship

an ancient rhythm
lost in the commotion

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