Saturday, January 21, 2023




In the fading hush of variegated pinks and purples
last moments of daylight slip to the other side of the 'just beyond'
as the Ice Moon of January, a micromoon, climbs above the prairie
in full paleness on snow glazed prairie with prismatic tinsel glints
while the coyotes awaken in songs of primal praise
and the snow crunches beneath my feet
as I too offer up my praise for beauty on this January eve of '23
the milky light scumbles with frosty wind upon my flush cheeks
as the ethereal glow reflects upon barren limbs and brittle blade
with each exhale a foggy mist floats in little clouds that I march through
until my journey is complete and find myself back at the house
where glasses steam over while peel off the layers
of Nebraska high plains armor left to dry until dawn beckons
in her translucent rays to see anew in the light of day

Poem 23-008Z Micromoon
About walking under the full moon last night (1/7/23), the Wolf Moon or Ice Moon that also happens to be a micromoon as opposed to a supermoon. There is something about the stillness, hearing coyotes singing rounds to each other from different directions while the moon's light is bright upon the snow. Makes my heart sing in praise to God for the gift of life and the beauty of simple things, to embrace the simplicity of the moment with gratitude.

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