Thursday, January 26, 2023

Adult Daughters and Son


Adult Daughters and Son

The ebb and flow of seasons
their comings and goings
marked by the extra pairs of shoes
parked in disarray at the front door
along with the extra chairs
around our small table

The 80 year old farm house,
like you would imagine, is compact
filled with laughter and joy
our voices bumping into each other
as if in the bustle of Grand Central Station,
which is what the kitchen of the
house has become

Until the front door has just
three pairs of shoes once again
resting on the rug
as life carries the voices
in the flow of their own life's
leaving our hearts quieter
yet full 


There is a joy that remains
in seeing growth and individuation
knowing they will be okay
blessing and releasing them
so much to grateful for

January 8, 2022
Poem 22-008A

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