Wednesday, January 25, 2023

High Plains Clouds


High Plains Clouds

The silver clouds lurk upon the northern horizon 
only to sulkily scurry away, as if caught in the act

While the skiff of snow snakes across the top
of the existing blanket of cold purity

The track I traveled several times a day
over the last weeks now covered over

It is as if I have never tread this path 
laying down fresh tracks with each step


I notice my thoughts, how they like those clouds
can have silver-gray linings that want to scurry away
under the examination of today


As my cheeks turn flush against the wind
my mind clears just as the clouds saunter away
and peace settles softly like the falling snow

Poem 23-025z
#Nebraska, #Highplainspoet, #Nature, #winter, #contemplation
photo is © by author

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