Saturday, May 2, 2020

Early Spring

Early Spring

It's the time of year

when dawn exhales

blowing last year's dreck

across disked fields

Bending brown stand of brome

catching last years debris above

new blade growth tender green

only at dusk to pause and inhale

Liquid warmth of gossamer lay

sheer upon tender breasts

nuzzle 'til rise 'n fall of chest stops

perhaps just sleeping

Entwined in symbiotic rhythm

limbs wrapped about the other's trellis

only to waken before sunrise

and graciously repeat

Poem 20-091A

#westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, #highplanespoet, strong_winds, rhythms, love

As the sun rises the wind picks up until softening at dusk this time of year.  Life on the high plains.

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