Saturday, March 21, 2020

Reflecting What?

Reflecting What?

A worried hush blankets the land
in quiet clusters of conversation
As world brought to knees
coronavirus has silenced the nations

A holy hush covers the land
ear ringing silence as listen
Invitation to stillness
restores harried hearts

Tomorrow's no guarantee
never has been
In the present I choose
to demonstrate Father's love

A perfect moment
to love
My neighbor
as myself

Poem 20-080y
In the midst of the seriousness of coronavirus there is an invitation to stillness and reflecting the love of God to those around us. Fear is even more contagious robbing of us our humanity and further distorting who we are created to be. Stop and reflect on Psalm 91 and find Peace in the moment.
Photo is from trip to Banff National Park last August (c) b bucks
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