Thursday, May 7, 2020

Quarantined Love

Quarantined Love

Cardboard spool
of empty toilet paper roll
where love quarantined
no more squares to give

Now forced together 24/7
warmth not shared between the sheets
unkempt bed mirrors lonely hearts
pain of love grown cold

Empty shelves
greedy impulses hoard
what love remains
packed neatly in dark cupboards

Blow gently upon cold ashes
embers still to nurse
tenderly fuel what's left
rebuild what's been neglected

Each breath whispers memories
of what we still have
stoke the fire with explosive tinder
add the dead bramble

Stroke her cheek
caress the tears
of what was lost
and now is found

Once again tangle
roots and limbs
embrace forgiveness
begin again

In season of quarantined love
connection grafted together
touching most
tender parts

Poem 20-123U
#highplainspoet, #westernebraskathougtsandlife, love, walls, distance, connection, relationship, healing, hope, restoration, forgiveness

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