Sunday, September 30, 2018



Our beautiful English Shepherd
Letting her go today
We miss you
You no longer struggle
each breath was laborious
weeks since you were able
to run free in the fields
not having the breath to be
the dog you always have been
the last few days
barely moving around the garage
not venturing out in the morning briefly
not rising up to greet me as enter the garage
finally not eating
the damned tumors
creating respiritory failure
another causing pulminar failure
still alert yet worn out in her eyes
it was time to say good bye
releasing you back into the hands of Father
there will always be a place in our heart
where images and memories reside of you
you were a shadow on the farm
always close behind
no more
just a shadow in our memory
Pilot (Pi Pi, 3.14159) good bye my friend


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