Friday, December 16, 2016



Strength of a generation fading
Memory and legacy dwindling
Soon to slip silently into the night
Just a wisp remains of what was

Carried on through children
Willingly or unwillingly
Who I am
Layered generation upon generation

Layers of geology
Lay one upon another
Archaeology boring down
Exploring each layer

Piecing together history
Secrets that glare
No long hidden
Brought to light of day

Freedom in the light
Don't have to fade
If live a life of love
Loving well walking in Truth

Memories float
Like cotton off cottonwood
Air thick with memories
Moments and events of formation

In twilight moments of life
Not too late for redemption
Periptery of legacy still possible
Transformation in the end

Unspoken spoken
Splitting hardened hearts
Reconciliation like honey
Binding fault lines together

Love breaking through
Displacing bitter resentment
Hearts at peace
Pieces puzzled together

Stain glass of family
Put together in artistic joy
Playing with light
Colors of truth prism'd together

God's bigger than brokenness
Making right all that's not
Trusting He'll deliver
In fullness of time restoration

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet. (16-327A)

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