Thursday, January 21, 2016



Resistance, internal core incongruent.
Mismatch, out of sync causing personal soul, mind, body, emotional, spirit dissonance.
Wrestling with alignment and belief.

Words I say matter.
How I treat others matters.
Apologizing matters.
Taking responsibility for what I've said and done matters.

Maturity demonstrated by actions.
Cleaning up mess made matters - humbling.
Admitting and asking for help matters.
Being truthful matters.
Hard, internal work for change.
All takes time, no "magic wand" - facing Truth and work.

Reflected in mirror of others.
DARVO, perpatrator-victim cycles.
Requires more than just forgiveness.
Requires internal work, revisiting suffering and trauma hidden.
Suffering and trauma caused by people - God uses people to bring healing to those broken places.

Maturity chooses to include safe people in process.
Maturity requires dealing with my interpetations and offenses.
Maturity is healthy growth over time - no quick fixes.
Maturity is about how I respond internally - exposes pride, control, fear, shame, abusiveness.

Maturity is saying I apologize for hurting you in ______ ways.
Maturity is saying you didn't deserve the way I acted, behaved, or treated you - specific!
Maturity says this is what I am doing to not do this again - specific.
Maturity says to one I hurt, you are valuable and worth more than how I behaved and words ______(specific) I said.
Maturity, seeing the harm I caused in and to another AND BEING different.
Maturity, asking how did I hurt you? - not making excuses or justifying behavior.
Maturity, a journey can't travel alone.

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet.

Image is of Scotts Bluff National Monument in late afternoon soft light today on way home.

Google DARVO if interested on meaning of the term.  Eye opening.... I double dog dare you.

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