Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What Our Love Feels Like Today

What Our Love Feels Like Today

Cloaked sunset like a closed curtain
teases my hazel, sometimes gray eyes
to take that second look
knowing the next thunderhead builds

Thunder's low rumble causes
the ground to quiver
as if the fear of the impending outburst
will rattle the windows and doors

Spider webs of lightning
lace the platinum silver horizon
rain approaching like a plague of grasshopers
'til it comes in sideways
soaking anything not wrapped
like an iphone in an anti-theft case

The instant temperature plunge
like a dive into a robin egg blue mountain lake
that invigorates in a polar bear moment
with heart stopping excitement
of my life shared with you

Poem 21-195s
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife, #love, #joy

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