Friday, July 2, 2021




Summer on the high plains
is as unpredictable as a politician
in the morning starting out as friends
by evening cursing like sailors at each other on Twitter

The rain of yesterday hammered in fury
a gully washer with intermittent pea size hail
like a cowboy without a spittoon
spitting away with that cheek bulge of chew

It did clear the air between those politicians though
like one of those infomercial things
wondering if the warranty is good
because of how the parts don't quite fit

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the wind is stout today
out of the southeast with a sticky bite like hard cider
that's never good, its an open invitation for another storm
fermenting this afternoon like the head on good amber ale

Less than a month ago on a Sunday in June
with malice the sky opened
raining golf balls like lead grapeshot
shredding the siding like harsh words on a tender heart

The insurance check came two days ago with
the unwanted strings attached to it
the lender like that unwanted investor
gets their say in how we repair our own home

So, in this sticky air I'll check the irrigation early
to see if any of the syphon tubes have plugged up
irrigating is a symbiotic rhythm of having horses
so when the cold winds and bitter chills come they stay plump

Maybe I'll find another red-tailed hawk feather
those small things that catch my eye
I carry it as a trophy as I walk through the fields
letting my thoughts fly around in dizzying circles

Poem 21-183y
263 Words
Just a summer day in July and practicing using metaphors. © 5 minutes ago, Brian    misc • life • rambling • ranching   

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