Monday, November 25, 2019



Weep for the fallen
for fathers who couldn't connect
death lingers from the fathers
whose lips couldn't form words

Weep where things replaced love
performance replaced relationship
tears bead upon cheeks
of expressionless sons

Weep in final season of life
watching fathers incapable
of speaking what's never been said
as they linger in dusk of life

Weep under generations of weight
disappointments piled high
mixed with shame can't carry
blaming self for broken connection

Weep the heartache untouched
weep in grief for irreplaceable affirmations
weep from gut for unexpressed love
weep in hope to break the generational repetition

Modified 19-339
#highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtandlife, fathers, sons, brokeness

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