Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Fine line across the edge of horizon
Gray-blue clouds hug close
Razor thin edge of light seeps through
Against the brown of dormant Winter

Razor thin margins in life
Miss living with all the motion
In a fog going nowhere fast
False importance of deceptions believe

Razor thin margins in relationships
Superficial connection settles in
Emptiness mingles in the space
Wonder why tears grace face

Razor thin margins of mind
Clutter fills every waking moment
Crisis to crisis the norm
Life's one consuming storm

Razor thin margins of soul
So busy trying to fill this hole
People and things just swallowed within
Must quiet self and be still

Razor thin margins in body
Pride in being needed
Sacrifice body for false comfort
Congruence of simpler walk

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet. (17-042C)

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