Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wake Up

"Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools." quote by Og Mandino - A quote Pastor Bob has used and stuck with me. Get life in order, relationships in order, give and receive love because no guarantees. A friend of mine came home from work yesterday and found his wife had passed away while he was at work.  A melancholy poem of reflection.

     Wake Up

You never know,
When it's time to go.
We make our plans,
Always tomorrow man.

No guarantee,
Life has no warranty.
Day of reckoning comes,
More quickly for some.

Death calls,
Tears fall.
Awash in grief,
Time passes brings relief.

About the Author:  Brian Bucks lives on a small horse ranch in Western Nebraska and is a husband, father, electrical engineer, and poet.

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