Thursday, February 9, 2023

A Lament

 A Lament

A winter gale that pushes
snow about as if it
were sands of time
right into my lungs as inhale
all its rage pushes so hard against me

Memories like the glistening crystals
of winter's fury dance
as if to taunt me of heartache,
of all that I'd hoped for
that now lies about
being pushed teasingly out of reach

One of those days where acceptance
is feeling the bruise on my heart
an ache with every inhale
sorrow with every exhale
as lean into a truth… 
suffering is part of being human

Expectations of a shared life that
is tempered with disappointment
of opportunities not shared
experiences that I had alone, without you
and that is part of journey of disconnection and repair

Still, I'm left wondering how we got here,
so far apart
with each of my micro-rejections
a small pebble placed
until a wall stands between us

How do we find each other again

How does the pain get reconciled
where does love begin to blossom
and we return as allies and lovers
where a sparkle returns in our union

And realizing…
love always finds a way

Poem 23-026z (c) 
A musing of my heart today that rambles all over.
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