Sunday, November 14, 2021

O' Yellowstone

Memories float like cotton on your water
O' Yellowstone your grandeur and beauty
which is more cherished
experiencing you or sharing you as a family

Like golden hair wrapped around your sylvan neck
gracing the shoulders softly upon a maiden's breast
strands of water course over the edge of the Lower Falls
awestruck breathlessness settles as if a second first kiss

Lake Yellowstone crowned like a queen with majestic peaks
in a soft purple pink gloam at dusk
a finger tracing chill gathers crawling up one's spine
that intruding feeling of gazing on an intimate moment

Old Faithful spouting off like a best friend
belching forth steam and spewing water
drenching those who dare get too close with bitter waters
just as quickly receding back for a magma recharge

O' Yellowstone sulfur permeates the air
as if hell has opened a portal
a feeble attempt to
draw the eye away from you

Chill of 7000 feet in a tent in early September of 09
elk in rut calling out mixed with wolves howling
O' Yellowstone's soothing serenade
beckons us to stay and gaze upon you more

Poem 21-170
@highplainspoet, #highplainspoet, #westernnebraskathoughtsandlife
Nature, beauty, Yellowstone
Image is © by the poet, taken in 2009 of the Lower Fall
185 words

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