Sunday, May 19, 2019



Sorrow numbingly sings
 like rain dancing on tin roof
Heavy sky steadily cries
 thick dampness oppresses

Late Spring in Nebraska
 in a Seattle mood
Leaves one wondering
 where has the sunshine gone

Perhaps it is time
 to walk in the rain
Allow the chill
 to wash away pain

Allow dandelion puffs
 to paste themselves upon each shoe
Breath deep the earthy
  aromas unleashed

Grass waste high
 soaks blue denim
Bleeds out color
 not meant to carry

Saturated hoodie lays heavy
 weighs upon shoulders
Exchange dead weight
 to feel life in drizzle

Knowing tomorrow's blossoms
 are within today's loneliness
Pick up the pen again
  purge heart of blue ink today


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